15 months I weighed 16 pounds still. I've only gained 4 ounces since my 12 month visit. The dr is going to test my thyroid, kidneys and liver. Mommy knows I might just be itty bitty...but her and the dr want to make sure nothing is wrong. I am not talking much but I don't have to with Mallory around. I'm right on track with all my other developmental milestones! Mommy got my HIB shot but nothing else. So now I'm way behind but it's ok.
1 year I started walking full time on the weekend of December 10th. I say "uh ho" "baby" "mama" "dada" "bite" and "Andy". I also babble like crazy! At my one year checkup I only weighed 16 pounds and was super negative on the chart I was 10% on my height. The dr said to start giving me 1/2 a Flinstone. The dr was understanding on Mommy not wanting to get my vaccinations.
10 months I had to go to the dr this month because I ran 104 for 3 days. On the good side, I had gained almost a pound. I am really close to walking. I can push my walker thing all over the house. I've developed a giant attitude. I hit and kick when I don't get my way.
9 months I'm crawling full force AND I can stand alone for a few seconds. I can also clap, pat-a-cake, wave and give five. I love singing with everyone too! Baby food is getting nasty, so I'm mainy on table food now. I went to the dr and don't even weigh 15 pounds yet. I am also short, in the 25%ile.
8 months Mommy is so proud of me. I try to pull up on anything and everything. I can also get on my hands and knees and rock and do pushups. I can go backwards but not forward yet. It won't be long at all though. Oh! I finally have 2 bottom teeth (barely)!
7 months I have become quite the little gabber! I say mamamamama, nanananana, dadadada and blablabla. I also grab ANYthing that is food and try to eat it. I'm still a super happy smiling baby...but my temper is growing. Hehe.
6 months I went to the dr for my 6 month checkup. I weigh 13lbs 4 oz and was 26 inches long. I can do everything I am supposed to do. Yay! I love sitting and playing with all my many toys.
5 months I can sit up tripod style for a while. Mallory LOVES holding me and moving me around. I've been sampling everything mommy and daddy eat. I guess Mom's too laid back because she lets me.
4 months I roll so much it's no longer safe for me to lay on the couch. My favorite toy is the hanging gym. I also love a krinkley butterfly. I can alllllmost sit up. I weighed 12lbs 3 oz and was 26 inches long.
3 months I've grown into size 3 diapers. I really like sitting up on the couch watching TV. My favorite activity is listening to people talk to me and "talking" back.
2 months The dr was very impressed with my head control. I'm 10 lbs 9oz and 22 1/2" long.
Week 7 Still rollin' and trying really hard to sit up. I flex my belly and leeeean forward.
Week 6 I started laughing and cooing! I also rolled over from my belly to my back.
Week 5 I had to go to the dr for an engorged boob. I'm up to 9 pounds!
Week 4 Smiles!!
Week 3 I started a great schedule of only waking at 1am and 5am.
Week 1 I already can lift and turn my head while layin on my tummy.