The birth story of Samara Rose

10:30pm  I started having contractions about 5 minutes apart

3:00am    Couldn't tak or walk so I woke up Mike

4:30am    His parents got to the house to stay with the girls

5:00am    Got admitted at 5cm 75% effaced with a bulging bag of water

6:30am    After going through pure hell (being bent over like a taco with the nurse pushing down my
                head and neck for 40 minutes!!!), I finally got my epidural in.

7:30am     Contractions dwindled to nothing...I guess cause of the epidural.  They wouldn't break
                 my water because they were worried about cord prolapse.  So they gave me pitocin to
                 try to get Samara to engage.

9:00am     My doctor finally came in to check me.  She broke my water.  I was at 6cm.

9:15am     My nurse came in to check on me.  She said to tell her if I felt pressure.

9:45am      I was screaming and holding on to the bedrail for dear life.  She checked me and I was at 10cm.
                 Everyone started prepping the room and paged the dr.

9:50am      I was hysterical.  I "needed" to push and they wouldn't let me.  They kept telling me if I did,
                 I would rip.  They said she was stretching it out so I wouldn't have to have an episiotomy.  Like I 
                 couldn't figure out we were just waiting on the dr to come back.

10 ish        The dr finally came in.  I had pretty much lost all control.  I was ready to kill anyone and everyone.
                 Especially the next person that told me to "pant" or "blow a feather away".

10:11am    After one good push, she was out!  Her cord was wrapped around her neck twice and around her body too.
                  She was a healthy 7 pounds 2 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.  Thank goodness she was 12 days early!